We manufacture collections, temple arms and components with your label exclusively
The natural horn design frames are designed and crafted with...

  • Multilayered glued sheets of natural/buffalo horn
  • Inlaid and superimposed inlays made of natural horn, deer horn, precious woods and mother-of-pearl
  • Handcrafted gold and silver jewellery with brilliants, semi-precious and precious stones and pearls
  • Horn sheets dyed with natural colours
  • Precious woods or bamboo (also dyed) on natural horn
  • Bloc titanium - middle pieces, temple arms made of natural horn and bamboo
  • Rimless frames and discreetly superimposed inlays in natural horn
  • Sunglasses

Costom made products, one off frame as well as refurbishing and repairs are possible.

Overview of our developments in design ...